Naples Artcrafters Show Rules listed below must be followed by all artists while participating in the shows. If you do not follow these rules, you may be unable to participate in future shows.

Booth assignment criteria is based on the number of shows you participate in, volunteer hours, seniority, and evenly spaced mediums.  If you participate in only a few shows during a season, you will be assigned an unoccupied location.  You may NOT change your location without advance permission from the Show Chair

1. To be an eligible participant, you must be a member in good standing.

2.  Artists can pay for one or multiple shows on line at the Naples Artcrafters web site.  

3.  If you make payment using the application form, clearly indicate each show date on both your application and check, and submit the appropriate show fee.  Mail your application and check payable to Naples Artcrafters as directed on the show application.

4.  The show application and show fee ($90.00) must be received no later than the monthly board/member meeting.  (First Tuesday of the Month).  It is non-refundable.

5.  The submission of an application and show fee is a commitment to exhibit.  Artists must be present for all show hours.  If there is an emergency situation where the artist is unable to attend, they must notify the Show Chair.  Failure to notify the Show Chair that you are unable to attend the show may result in being unable to participate in future shows.

6.  All participants must have a white 10'X10'tent.  Large Sculptures MAY be exempt from the tent requirement , but only at the discretion of the Show Chair and within one week of being juried in.  Tents and canopies shall be anchored by ballasts on each pole. Each ballast must weigh a minimum of 25 pounds.  Metal grids, furniture, clothes and water jugs are not allowed.  Stakes are not allowed.  PVC pipes filled with cement or sand to obtain the 25lbs required is the preferred method. (taken from Collier County Fire Marshal's Rules)

7.  Each tent is required to have a Fire Extinguisher.

8.  Your display area is shown on the map you receive for each show.   Please remember that we want our shows to look professional.  The fronts of all booths are to be lined up along with the fronts of all other booths along the walkway.  Please be courteous to your neighbors, and do not infringe upon their space.  If you have questions about the boundaries of your space, talk to the Show Chair BEFORE setting up your tent. 

9.  All tables must be covered and skirted to the ground.  ALL two-dimensional artwork must be hanging.  Art work that is not hanging must be displayed in a print bin and may not be displayed on the ground.

10.  You will receive your booth space number and a show layout map via email the week before the show.  DO NOT move to another space without permission from the Show Chair.

11.  Unload your vehicle promptly, immediately move it to the designated parking area and then set up.  This is a courtesy to other artists, so please adhere to this rule.  All vehicles must be removed from the street by 9:30 am.  Set-up must be completed by 9:30 am.  Designated parking areas are Naples Parking Garage directly across from Cambier park on 8th St; the parking lot located at the corner of 8th St and 8th Ave (S of fire station); and the parking lot located at 6th Ave S and Park St (Across from Naples Art Association)

12.  Show hours are 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Teardown and/or leaving prior to 4:00 pm without approval from Show Chair may result in being unable to participate in future shows.

13.  Signs announcing "Sale", "Discounted", "Reduced Prices", etc., are not permitted.

14.  Artists are not permitted to display ribbons or awards won at previous art shows.

15.  Only work approved by the Naples Artcrafters Standards Committee may be displayed at our shows.  If you are found displaying or selling unapproved items, you must immediately remove such work from your display.  A second offense will result in permanent loss of show privileges in Naples Art Crafters shows.

16.  If two or more persons collaborate to produce original work, each person must be a member.  Collaborations are to be true artistic collaboration rather than business collaboration.

17.  Each Artist/Crafts person is responsible for maintaining their area during the show and making sure all litter is picked up from his or her  area at the completion of the show.  We must maintain a professional appearance and keep the City Park clean.

18.  Members are expected to serve 5 hours of volunteer time to maintain eligibility for participation in the monthly shows.

19.  Members who wish to participate in the monthly art shows are expected to attend at least three (3) meetings per year to maintain eligibility for participation in the monthly shows.


Each exhibitor is responsible for collecting the state sales tax and filing a report with the State of Florida Department of Revenue.


The City of Naples has a NO TOLERANCE policy concerning vehicles in the park.  Under NO circumstances are motor vehicles to be on the park grounds during the setup and takedown at our shows.  Maintaining our show privileges and permits is dependent upon strict compliance with the city's rules.  A members show privileges will be revoked for the season and will be required to re-jury to reinstate their show privileges for the following season.